Moss & Weed Removal

Mechanical weed & moss removal

Removing weeds and moss from pavements, yards and walkways can be a troublesome task, but removing weeds and moss can be made simple with a  mechanical weed brush. The powered weed brush can be set to scrub the outdoor hard surface clean whilst maintaining a steady forward speed removing weeds, moss and the detritus that the moss is growing in. Weeds, moss and detritus can be collected using one of our sweeping machines ensuring the surface is left clean and free from weeds, moss and detritus.

Perfect growing environment

Weeds and moss tend to grow in damp, shaded conditions where debris collects and is attached to the damp surface. The combination of shade, damp and debris provides the perfect growing environment for moss. It is important that hard surfaces are kept free from weeds and moss as it can become very slippery when wet and causing a potential safety hazard.

Moss and debris can freeze

Winter conditions can make the moss covered surface even more dangerous as the moisture contained in the moss and debris can freeze. Due to the shade these areas do not thaw easily. Continued frost in the pavement surface can cause the small stones in the tarmac to become pushed out due to the expansion of the moisture contained in the debris that has been left. Of course this damage is only realised when the debris is removed from the hard surface pavement. This type of damage to the pavement is very expensive to remedy. In the past pavements used to be swept regularly by council work men with brooms. Using brushes and brooms kept the surface free from debris and the moss did not grow. Today most pavements are not swept with a broom or sweeper. At best they may be cleared with a back pack or hand held powered blower. Most blowers are not powerful enough to move the debris that is stuck to the surface.

Debris that is stuck to the surface

There are chemical solutions designed to kill weeds and moss on pavements which generally do kill weeds and moss when sprayed in the correct conditions and using suitable application rates for the level of infestation. Quite often the dead weeds and moss serves to provide the perfect food source for the next lot of weeds and moss to grow in. Increasingly their use is becoming prohibited by councils and public bodies. The only sure way of removing the weeds and moss is by physically removing it and its growing medium or food sources.